Our enterprises are implementing the principle of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management. It is provided by internal audits based on the methods developed by us. They are based on systematic scientific research in the field of quality management systems. The results of scientific research are published in more than 20 articles of specialized publications in Ukraine and abroad, and the candidate’s thesis on “Improving the audit of the quality management system (on the example of machine-building enterprises)” is defended by the director for standardization, metrology and technical measurements of “Ukrspetsmash LLC”.

At present, “Ukrspetsmash LLC” conducts scientific and technical research in the field of automatic welding under a flux layer with the use of metal crumb of thick-rolled steel (δ = 60 mm) without edge cutting in one pass. Welded joints made by the technological processes developed by us, by mechanical properties and performance characteristics, exceed those performed by standard methods. In this area of ​​research there are also publications, and the chief welder of “Ukrspetsmash LLC” is working on his doctoral thesis under the scientific supervision of the plant’s technical director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Narivsky A.E.


Доклад технического директора ООО «Укрспецмаш», доктора технических наук,  Профессора Наривского А.Э. на семинаре в г. Бекасово,  организованного Советом главных механиков  нефтеперерабатывающих и нефтехимических предприятий России и стран СНГ. 

Report of the “Ukrspetsmash LLC”’s Technical Director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Narivsky A.E. at the seminar in Bekasovo, organized by the Council of Chief Mechanics of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Enterprises of Russia and CIS countries.

Our enterprises pay particular attention to the anti-corrosive protection of manufactured equipment. In this direction, unique methods of predicting the corrosive behavior of high-alloy steels and alloys in aggressive media typical of technological processes of chemical and petrochemical industries have been developed. The results of the studies and their practical approbation are reflected in more than 100 publications of domestic and foreign specialized editions and are summarized in the doctoral thesis of the “Ukrspetmash LLC”’s technical director.

In addition to developing new welding technologies for the manufactured equipment and its anticorrosion protection, the PJSC “Azov Machine-Building Plant” is conducting research of the processes of machining the surface of steels and alloys. In particular, the Chief Executive I. V. Gershikov has developed theoretical approaches to determining heat balance and temperature of machining. On their basis, a number of studies have been carried out to improve the quality of the parts’ surface during their machining by cutting. The results of these studies are used in technological processes in the parts and equipment components manufacturing and are reflected in scientific and technical publications in specialized editions.


Collection of reports of the 1st International Conference “Increasing the reliability and durability of oil and gas and chemical industry equipment” www.

The results of our scientific and technical research are regularly presented at international seminars, symposiums and conferences. In particular, our specialists and managers take part in seminars held by the Council of Chief Specialists and Mechanics of the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants of the former Soviet Union. In addition, in 2013, our enterprises, in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Zaporozhye National Technical University, organized and held an international scientific and technical conference “Improving the reliability and durability of oil refining and chemical industry equipment”. At this forum, our employees presented eight reports on the specifics of the quality management system functioning at engineering enterprises, as well as systemic problems that arise during equipment installation by contractors.


Монтаж аппаратов воздушного охлаждения газокомпрессорной станции  газопровода «Северный поток» (Россия) при авторском надзоре  представителей поставщика ЧАО «Азовский машиностроительный завод»
Installation of air cooling devices for the gas compressor station of the Nord Stream gas pipeline (Russia) under the supervision of supplier’s (the PJSC “Azov Machine Building Plant”) representatives