Underground tank units for gas filling stations (GFS)

ППА units are intended to receive, store and produce liquefied petroleum gas at the automobile gas filling stations and points with operating temperatures not lower than minus 40 and not higher than 30°C and with operating pressure not higher than 1 MPa, the installation method is of underground type in dry soil with seismicity not more than 6 M.

ППА units main dimensions, mm

Unit type notation and nominal volume 1 L
ППА-10 4400 3400 5300
ППА-20 9600 8600 10500
ППА-12,5 5600 4600 6500
ППА-5 1900 900 2800

Possible equipment:

  • level gauge of УПП, УПП2, УПЭ1, УПЭ2, УБ-П types;
  • manometer of МТП type;
  • top-level indicator of СУС-16-ПП06-И-1 type;
  • safety valve of СПППК 4-40;
  • three-way valve of КТРП-100-25 type.

Purpose and nominal width of fittings

Fitting notation Purpose Conditional pass, mm Conditional pressure, MPa (kgf/cm²)
А Liquefied gas inlet 1,6(16) 50
Б Liquefied gas inlet
В Liquefied gas inlet (outlet)
Г Residue outlet
Д For safety valve 2,5(25) 100
Е For manometer - М20х1,5
Ж For top-level indicator 1,6(16) 50
К For level indicator
Л Hatchway 500
М Spare 50

Note: the sealing surface of D fitting flanges is “joggle,” of others is “protrusion-depression.”