Tank and tower equipment

Tank and tower equipment in the process of production and shipment to the customer

Flare gas separator. Separator with centrifugal elements is used in industrial installations of preparing natural gas for further transportation. The machine is intended to clear flare gas from droplets and mechanical impurities. The weight of machine is 25 tons. The machine is installed at JSC “Omsk oil refinery.”

Flare gas separator


Conic bottom of “BECOFIL” capacitive machine after USI of radial and ring welds


Shell in assembly with the flat bottom of «BECOFIL» capacitive machine


Irrigation system in the shell of «BECOFIL» capacitive machine


Transportation of «BECOFIL» capacitive machine by the plant’s motor transport

Lately, the plant has mastered the production of the tower equipment and air-coolers for oil refineries, as well as air-coolers of high pressure up to 14 MPa for gas producing industry and gas transmission systems.

Upper part of k-305 column


Working at the temperature of 225°C in the working medium and pressure of 0.45 MPa. Intended to be installed into technological system of kerosene rectification. The tower diameter is 1000 mm, height is 8000 mm, the diameter of conic transition with two-sided flanging of edges is 2200/1000 mm. Supplied by PJSC “Ukrtatnafta”, Kremenchuk