MT100/8, MT100/15 pumps

MT100/8, MT 100/15 pumps are intended to provide transformer oil circulation in cooling systems of fixed power oil transformers.

Technical characteristics


Normalized parameter MT pump type and size
100/15 100/8
Rated capacity, m³/h 100
Rated pressure, m 15 8
Rotation frequency, rot/min 2830
Power consumption, kW 5,5 3
Network settings:  
voltage, W 220/380
frequency, Hz 50(60)

Overall and mounting dimensions

“Moldavgidromash” pumps are analog to MT pumps.

By overall and mounting dimensions the pumps are identical and interchangeable in consumers’ technological schemes.

Structurally, pumps of our production have a number of fundamental differences:

  • pump frame is welded (while analog’s is casting) that allows to increase quality by removing hidden drawbacks in casting and fogging during operation;
  • specially designed engines with F class insulation and design power supply of 1 kW are used to reduce engine overloading while working on cold oil;
  • operating wheel
  • casting from 20Cr13 steel – is unloaded by axial force in order to reduce pressure on bearings, with working life not less than 100000 hours;
  • instead of volute, guide vanes are used that allows minimizing vibrations and pressure on rotor bearings; - pump rotor is subjected to dynamic balancing;
  • SKF bearings are used instead of domestic ones.

In general, putting into operation all the above mentioned technical decisions can allow removing weak characteristics of the analog, increasing capacity and reliability of MT100 pumps.