OДЦ cooling device

Purpose: OДЦ cooling device is intended to cool down fixed power oil transformers, autotransformers and electric reactors for general (industrial) use with ДЦ, HДЦ cooling systems. Climatic design is У, ХЛ, T, location category is 1 GOST 15150.

Design: nominal, mounting and connecting dimensions correspond to Figures 1, 2.

Cooling device is produced in three- and two-way design using oil (figures 1 and 2 correspondingly).



Materials: Heat exchanger active part (ДЦ 180/2280 oil cooler) is made from bimetal finned tubes (copper, aluminum).

Cooling device is made from quality construction materials, has oil-resistant coating of inner surfaces and weather-resistant outer surfaces.

Technical characteristics:


Type symbol Design Oil cooler Heat flow with nominal parameters, kPa Air consumption with two working fans Oil nominal consumption m³/h Inlet ambient temperature, °C Hydrodynamic resistance, kPa (kgf/cm³) not more than Aerodynamic resistance, kPa (mm/cm³) not more than Oil max. operating pressure, kPa
Oil-air Oil-air
ОДЦ-180-У1 Left ДЦ-180/2280-2-У1 180 7,5 80(100)* 40 75 85(8,5) 60(6,0)* 0,32(0,032) 0,3(3)
ОДЦ-180-У1 Right
ОДЦ-180-ХЛ1 Left ДЦ-180/2280-2-ХЛ1
ОДЦ-180-ХЛ1 Right
ОДЦ-180-Т1 Left ДЦ-180/2280-2-Т1
ОДЦ-180-Т1 Right