Furnaces of oil refineries and chemical industry

Lately, PJSC “Azov machine-building” has mastered the production of furnaces for oil refineries and chemical industry. In 2010, the plant made and delivered П-104 furnace to “Alliance Petrokhim” Ltd. (Rostov-na-Donu) for gas processing installation, and in 2011 П-2 for the section of heat transfer agent installation.


Technical characteristics of П-2 furnace: Technical characteristics of П-104 furnace:
  1. useful heat output – 13,953 MW;
  2. output by heat transfer agent – 200000 kg/h;
  3. heat transfer agent – fuel;
  4. heat transfer agent temperature
    at the furnace inlet - 250°C
    at the furnace outlet - 300°C
  5. heat transfer agent pressure – 1.2 MPa;
  6. furnace coil:
    convection – pipe 152×8mm
  1. capacity – 60500 kg/h;
  2. pressure – 3,7 MPa;
  3. wall temperature - 320°C;
  4. fluid min. temperature - 150°C;
  5. fluid max. temperature - 225°C;
  6. fluid – hydrocarbon condensate;
  7. furnace productive coil:
    convection chamber – pipe 152×6mm L=8m.
    radiation chamber - pipe 152×6mm L=8m.
Furnace is equipped with ГГС-3,2 burners of Russian production. Furnace is equipped with John Zink burners of Luxemburg production.


In order to improve lining quality and timing optimization of furnace production, the plant by outsourcing system attracts specialized organizations.

“Alliance Petrokhim” Ltd. was grateful to the plant for meeting delivery deadlines and other terms of the agreement, as well as for the production meeting the requirements of the regulations.