A group of “Ukrspetsmash” LLC and PJSС “Azov machine-building plant” machine-building enterprises equipped with universal and special machinery is able to produce standard and non-standard equipment by individual design and customer’s technical assignments.  

The plants’ infrastructure provides a wide range of heat exchange equipment, including:    

  • heat exchangers with a floating head or U-shaped tubes;
  • shell-and-tube heat exchangers, etc.  

Depending on operating conditions, heat exchangers are made from mild, low-alloyed, heat-resistant, highly doped corrosion-resistant steels and alloys.  

A special place among heat exchange equipment produced by the plant is occupied by air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) intended to condense and cool down steam, gas, and liquid environments. They are used in technological processes of oil refineries, petrochemical, gas transmission and other branches of industry. This kind of production, depending on its purpose, is represented by (ACHE):

  • of high pressure;
  • of block type;
  • by horizontal, zigzag, and little line ones with cast and welded covers.  

All air-coolers are equipped with finned tubes of own production which have different material design and finning coefficient.  

To cool down power transformers, autotransformers, and electric reactors, the plants produce cooling devices (of ACHE kind) that differ by construction and material design. Besides, our plants mass-produce several modifications of electric pumps to assure oil circulation in cooling systems of the above mentioned transformers noted for their high reliability while operating in the areas of the Far North. Pump equipment nomenclature line also includes multistage centrifugal machines with capacity ranging from 210 to 800 m³/h and pressure from 225 to 825 m. They are intended to pump water and other neutral and slightly acidic liquids.  

ACHE wide nomenclature produced by our plant is completed with air-coolers of 30 types and sizes for electric engines of high power and 20 gas-coolers to cool down hydrogen with water in closed systems of turbine generators and synchronous capacitors (p. 30).  

The group of enterprises produces a wide range of tank equipment with the volume of 1 to 150 m³ and the thickness of walls from 2 to 50 mm. It is noted for its construction and material design, as well as availability and diversity of inner and outer devices. In regard to technical requirements for this production it is used in technological processes of different industries from nuclear power stations to food industry (p.9).    

Besides heat exchangers and tank equipment, the plants produce columns, furnaces and reactors for oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical industries (p.15; 36).    

One of the highest technological kinds of production mastered by our plants is lifting equipment represented by overhead, gantry and tower cranes and loading port machines (p. 38).    

The above mentioned plants’ production is certified in accordance with different technical regulations (vessels working under pressure, power plants, etc.). Its high quality is ensured by attested staff and laboratories, as well as system approaches to production processes (p. 4-6). The stability of our production’s quality is confirmed by the system of quality management attested in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 international regulations (p.3).  

We are open and ready for various mutually profitable forms of cooperation in the field of production and delivery of the above mentioned equipment.

Yours sincerely,
Head of “Ukrspetsmash” LLC S.V.Gershikov
CEO of PJSC “Azov machine-building plant” I.V.Gershikov