Products’ technical control

The group of enterprises has permission No. 1864.12.14 to use machinery, mechanisms, installations of increased danger: for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing plants, metallurgical, coke chemical, foundry, fat and oil industry, chlorine and ammonia-use industries. These products are certified and declared to comply with the technical regulations of equipment operating under pressure.




Products’ technical control at our enterprises is carried out by the departments of technical control. In the course of technical control of the manufactured products, the input control of the material, semi-finished products and components, the operational control of the parts and assemblies, as well as acceptance tests are mandatory. In this case, the types of control, its scope and sampling are indicated in the products’ design documentation. It is developed by the chief designer’s services. Based on the products’ design documentation, the departments of the chief technologist and the chief welder develop technological processes taking into account the types of control established in the design documentation. While manufacturing products, the design and technological services of the plant carry out the author's supervision of the personnel's compliance with the requirements of products’ design and technological documentation. For products subordinate to the Sate and City Industrial Supervision (Gosgorpromnadzor) of Ukraine and other similar bodies abroad, technological processes for welded joints are certified in accordance with the established procedure.

The results of the Technical Control Department (OTK) examination, conclusions of the laboratories’ types of control, conclusions of the author's supervision of compliance with design and technological documentation, as well as the results of acceptance tests are recorded in the product’s technological passport. This passport is kept in the plant’s technical archive for the plant’s entire life which allows identifying the products’ parameters at any time.

Based on the technological passport, customers are provided with the product’s technical passport, instructions for its installation and operation, developed in accordance with the rules of the Gosgorpromnadzor.