Enterprises’ laboratories

     Our products’ stable quality is ensured by laboratories certified in accordance with the established procedure by the SINTEKO LLC Institute. The field of certification of laboratories allows to determine:

  • the chemical composition of steels and alloys by chemical-analytical and X-ray spectral methods;
  • mechanical properties of steels and alloys (temporary tear resistance, yield stress, elongation and contraction, Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness, micro-hardness of structural elements, impact toughness after mechanical aging and at negative temperatures);
  • metal defects and its structure by metallographic analysis on an optical microscope;
  • defects of the base metal and welded joints by ultrasonic and X-ray flaw detection, capillary methods, as well as magnetic particle inspection and visual-optical control.

Metrological laboratories are certified to have the right to calibrate instruments for linear-angular measurements, manometers, thermometers and electrical measuring instruments.