The enterprises’ production shops have machining and boiler welding equipment that allows providing:

  • knife cutting of rolled metal up to 32 mm thick;
  • hot cutting of rolled metal (ПКФ, ПКЦ “Granat”) up to 160 mm thick;
  • microplasma cutting of metal up to 20 mm thick, plasma cutting of metal up to 120 mm thick;
  • cutting of long products on line-saw installations of Shark 332sx-sxi, СЛП 8532 type;
  • roll bending of shells up to 5000 mm in diameter with walls up to 40 mm thick;
  • vertical turning of parts up to 3200 in diameter and up to 1500 mm in height;
  • milling of parts and units up to 1800 mm wide and up to 4000 long;
  • drilling of holes up to 100 mm in diameter max. with max. spindle crash up to 3150 mm.
  • boring, jig-boring works; round grinding, centerless grinding, intragrinding, flatness grinding and spline grinding operations;
  • planing works for details 1600 mm wide, 6000 mm long and up to 10 tons in weight;
  • knurling of finned tubes with finning coefficient: 9; 14,6; 20 etc.;
  • beading of tubes in grid plates from 10 to 60 mm in diameter on modern installations of the Dutch production;
  • semi-automatic and automatic welding under the layer of flux and in the environment of protective gases with the further quality control of weld joints by non-destructive methods: capillary, magnetic particle, X-ray and ultrasound.
  • surfacing works with reinforcing wire of rotation bodies of such types as of crane wheels, brake pulleys, shafts up to 6000 mm long, as well as planar surfacing with corrosion-resistant steels, alloys and non-ferrous metals.
  • overhead cranes provide loads capacity up to 50 tons.

Mild, low-alloyed, highly-doped and double-layer steels, as well as highly-doped alloys are used to produce equipment.