The group of companies is continuously and systematically working to improve the products’ operational characteristics, as well as to increase their reliability and durability. This is promoted by high-tech technology developed at the enterprises and used in their manufacture.

 As an example, we can mention the developed and introduced into production technology of automatic welding of the angular joints of high-pressure air-cooling chambers with wall thickness of up to 50 mm without edge cutting in one pass using granulated chips. Such a welded joint has no analogues in the world and provides the product’s high performance characteristics.


Макет камеры аппарата воздушного охлаждения высокого давления с толщиной стенки δ = 50 мм. Угловые сварные соединения выполнены автоматической сваркой под слоем флюса  без разделки кромок за один проход 

Model of high-pressure air-cooling chamber with wall thickness δ = 50 mm. Angular welded joints are made by automatic welding under a flux layer without edge cuttings in one pass.

Our achievements in the field of high-tech technologies, as well as their impact on the operational parameters of the equipment manufactured, are presented at exhibitions of various formats. Thus, we inform our potential customers and partners about the plants’ technical capabilities.

Директор ООО «Укрспецмаш» Гершиков С.В. в составе делегации Украины на международной выставке в Германии. г. Лейпциг, март 2017 года. 

Head of “Ukrspetsmash LLC” S. V. Gershikov in the Ukraine’s delegation at the international exhibition in Germany, Leipzig, March 2017.

Директор ООО «Укрспецмаш» представляет партнёрам инновационные достижения завода в области машиностроения. г. Лейпциг, 2017 год. 

Head of “Ukrspetsmash LLC” presents the plant’s innovative achievements in the field of mechanical engineering to partners, Leipzig, 2017.