About us

In 1883, in the town of Berdyansk, the German colonist Schreider built mechanical workshops that in 1895 were transformed into a mechanical iron-foundry by the order of Tavria provincial board. A little bit later a mechanical iron-foundry was renamed into the Azov – Black Sea plant, Berdyansk plant of road machines and JSC “Dormash”.

More than a hundred years of the enterprise’s development allowed JSC “Dormash” to master production of heavy road machines and equipment to maintain space industry.

In 2001, on the basis of JSC “Dormash”, “Urkspetsmash” LLC was founded that in 2004 became the co-founder of CJSC “Azov machine-building plant” renamed into the Private Joint-stock company (further on in the text PJSC) “Azov machine-building plant” in 2012. A wide range of the plants’ equipment was complemented by new longitudinal milling, boring, polishing, bandsaw machines, by modern equipment for automatic and semi-automatic welding under the flux layer and in protective gases medium, as well as by installations for orbital welding, pipes expanding in the grid plates of heat-exchangers, shoot blasting, equipment for general thermal spot-treatment and stands for products’ pneumatic and hydraulic tests.

The plant’s technical specialists with the help of modern and effective equipment, in collaboration with branch (PJSC “UkrNIIkhimmash”, PJSC “Naftakhimproekt”, “OilGasMash” Ltd.), as well as academic (Ukraine’s NAS Physical and Mechanical Institute, B. Paton Institute of Electric Welding of Ukraine’s NAS) institutes, mastered production of new equipment for oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, gas transmission, metallurgical and mining industry. A considerable part in our enterprises’ production is occupied by air-cooled heat exchangers, tank and heat-exchange equipment, towers and furnaces for oil refineries and chemical industry, equipment and spare parts for mining and metallurgical complexes, lifting equipment and complicated metal constructions with mechanic processing.

At present, the group of enterprises “Urkspetsmash” LLC and PJSC “Azov machine-building plant” extends intensively their presence in the market and invites to collaboration both direct consumers and partners in the field of production and sales of a wide range of the plant’s products.

Head of “Ukrspetsmash” LLC

CEO of PJSC “Azov machine-building plant”