The “Ukrspetsmash LLC” and PJSC “Azov Machine-Building Plant” group of companies offers engineering services for oil and gas, chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, energy and other industries.

List of engineering services:

  • Technical and economic calculations and justification of projects;
  • Development of projects;
  • Development of design documentation for own and submitted by suppliers projects;
  • Manufacture and supply of own and imported equipment;
  • Service maintenance of equipment;

Expert examination and conclusions on the corrosion protection of customer equipment regardless of its suppliers and project authors.

In recent years together with “OilGasMash LLC” we have put into action projects in the field of natural gas transportation. In particular, on the basis of our scientific and technical research in the field of welding, machining and corrosion protection of equipment, design changes have been made to high-pressure chambers in the design of gas air-cooling devices. These changes contributed to an increase in the reliability and durability of equipment manufactured and delivered by the group of our enterprises to the gas compressor station of the Nord Stream gas pipeline (Russia). At the same time, the installation of air-cooling devices for the gas compressor station was carried out under the author's supervision of our representatives. Based on the results of manufacture, supply and installation of equipment by the customer’s (“Gazprom LLC”) contracting organization, our enterprises together with the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (G.V. Karpenko Physicomechanical Institute, Lviv, Ye.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, Kiev) and “OilGasMash LLC” organized and held the International Scientific and Technical Conference “Improving the Reliability of Oil and Gas and Chemical Equipment.” Based on the results of the conference, a collection of reports was published, where our experts and managers presented eight reports on the equipment reliability.

Our experience and the results of scientific and technical research embodied in the design of equipment and technology of its manufacture will enable you to ensure the efficiency of your production by minimizing the costs of repair and maintenance of process equipment. Individual approach to each client and a highly qualified team of scientific and technical workers of our enterprises allow us to execute projects of any complexity.

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